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Annual Open House

Join us February 28th from 1-5pm to see the farm, mingle, and try free food and drinks.

Nestled in Sullivan, MO, a short drive from St. Louis, Seven T Farms offers a unique, beautiful wedding venue for groups of all sizes.

On-site facilities include several ceremony options (see our Gallery for stunning lake and farm views!) Our modern buildings also offer a large reception room with stage space for a DJ or head table, an indoor/outdoor bar, stone fireplace, and additional space for rehearsal dinners or cocktail hours. The bridal suite offers accommodation for up to 12, letting you plan and participate in your wedding peacefully.

This serene backdrop offers the best of all worlds. Enjoy the quiet of country living, the accessibility of nearby hotels and recreational opportunities, and the fantastic facilities, all designed to support your vision of an ideal day.

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Our Story

Matt and Mia Tiefenbrunn

Matt and Mia Tiefenbrunn

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The Tiefenbrunn Family

The Tiefenbrunn Family

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The Tiefenbrunn Family

The Tiefenbrunn Family

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Several unique ceremony locations to fit your vision

Farm View

Lake View

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